• Artist

    Shingo Yoshimoto
    He is a first Japanese male dancer who entered Paris Opera National Ballet School.
    1998 Received scholarship Award in 6th Jackson International Ballet Competition and also received Gold Medal at 18th Varna International Ballet Competition. In same year he received Kyoto prefecture cultural Award as a youngest receiver in history. 1999 He Joined Cleveland San Jose Ballet as a Principal. 2004 He Joined Houston Ballet and became soloist in 2005. He worked with many international choreographer like Christopher Weelden, Hans Van Manen and Mark Morris etc. His expressive dance and technique has an excellent reputation.

    Yukito Ono
    Yukito Ono's well trained beautiful body, Precise technique and An expressive performance has an established reputation. He is very active in many fields like Matthew Bourne’s『Dorian Gray』,Musical 『Romeo & Juliet』 by Shuichiro Koike, Award winning Broadway show 『IN THE HEIGHTS』as a roll of Graffiti Peet,『CHESS IN THE MUSICAL』by Koichi Ogita etc. Yukito Ono also creates his own show like 『POMELO』,『Burst Cake』with Kohei Ueguchi and 『Baked Hotel』. His recent work is his solo piece『Angel』create by MITF AWARDS Winner Sachiko Ishimaru. Yukito Ono now in the limelight.

    He is from Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. He started learning to dance when he was a child. 1994 First place in the junior Latin category of China Social Dance National Competition . After that, he studied at the Wuhan City Opera School, He does jazz, street, contemporary, ballet, tap and social dance, etc. An acrobatic dance is skillful, and it is taking an active part from the jazz dancing in contemporary dance, a musical, and a wide field. He performed in “Cats” with the role of Mistoffelees more than 1100 times.His Acrobatic dance and incomparable expression has a great reputation.

    Yuichiro Yokozeki
    2002 He became soloist of Leipzig Ballet at age of 20. Since then he has worked with so many international choreographer such as Uwe Scholz, Jiri Kylian ,William Forsythe, John Neumeier etc. His recent work in Japan are『Opus131』choreograph by Alessio Silvestrin,『The soldier’s tale』choreograph by Megumi Nakamura, Aoyama Ballet Festival Last Show 『Raymonda- act3 pas de deux-』with Yuko Nishida,『Charlie Show』total art direction by Youya Shinjo
    His reputation of beautiful dance comes with amazing flexibility and precise position.

    Youya Shinjo
    His perfect body has been honed to perfection with his original technique. He has been let out his new pieces to Japan and abroad. His original way to mix the Art and Entertainment has been received appraisal from overseas. In recent years, he is doing not only choreography but also directing.
    He performed in “Yellow Angel” with Tetsuya Kumakawa in 1998 and “UZUME” with Farouk Ruzimatov at Aichi Prefectural Arts Theatre.
    2004, his production “Chaser” was revealed at Hong Kong Dance Festival and “Wing” in Chile and New York. He has constantly produced his new pieces, such as “Dance Symphony” , “XXX” ,“Delicious” , “GQ” and most recent “Charlie Show”

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    Previous Works

    • ダンスリハーサル!


      ☆『Dance Rehearsal !』

      Shingo Yoshimoto
      Naoya Homan(New National Ballet Theater)
      Yuichiro Yokozeki
      Yukito Ono

      Airi Igarashi(Reiko Yamamoto Ballet

      Sat. July 22nd 2017 at 3:00PM/7:00PM
      Sun. July 23rd 2017 at 2:00PM/6:00PM

      7,000yen (Reserved seat, taxes included)

      Shinjukumura Studio West B201

      Support by , Shinjukumura Studio

      Sponsored by, CSB International

    • ☆ACT×DANCE 『Double Flat』

      Kohei Ueguchi、Yukito Ono 

      【Book & Direction】
      Hikari Ono

      Hirokazu Tategata

      Thu. April 13th 2017 at 7:00PM ★Blue Version
      Fri. April 14th 2017 at 2:00PM/7:00PM ●Black Version
      Sat. April 15th 2017 at 2:00PM/6:00PM ★Blue Version
      Sun. April 16th 2017at 1:00PM ●Black Version

      ★Blue (Brother:Ono・Younger brother:Ueguchi)
      ●Black(Brother:Ueguchi・Younger brother:Ono)

      4/13(Thu) 4/14(Fri) 4/15(Sut) 4/16(Sun)
      ●14:00 ★14:00 ●13:00
      ★19:00 ●19:00 ★18:00


      Advance Ticket 6,800yen (Reserved seat, taxes included)
      Door Ticket 7,300yen (Reserved seat, taxes included)

      Sponsored by, Junction, CSB International

      Shingo Yoshimoto
      Cai Xiaoqiang
      Yukito Ono
      Yuichiro Yokozeki
      Youya Shinjo

      Wen. Feb 15th 2017 at 7:00PM
      Thu. Feb 16th 2017 at 7:00PM
      Fri. Feb 17th 2017 at 7:00PM
      Sat. Feb 18th 2017 at 2:00PM/7:00PM
      Sun. Feb 19th 2017at 2:00PM

      10,800yen (Reserved seat, taxes included)

      Spiral Hall (Aoyama,Tokyo)

      Sponsored by, Nippon Broadcasting System, CSB International
    • ☆ solo act + dance『Angel』

      【Cast】Yukito Ono
      Percussionist:Fumihiro Sennin Sato

      【Book & Direction】Sachiko Ishimaru

      Sat. Jan 21st 2017 at 2:00PM/7:00PM
      Sun. Jan 22nd 2017 at 7:00PM

      Imagine Studio

      5,500yen (Reserved seat, taxes included)

      Sponsored by, Nippon Broadcasting System, CSB International


      ★slapstick go go dance show★

      『Baked Hotel』

      Cai Xiaoquiang, Shingo Yoshimoto, Yukito Ono

      【Book & Direction】
      Yukito Ono

      Youya Shinjo

      Sat. September 17th at 7:00PM
      Sun. September 18th at 2:00PM/7:00PM
      Mon. September 19th at 2:00PM

      Spiral Hall(Aoyama・Tokyo)

      7,800yen(Reserved seat,taxes included)
      (General sale starts from 23rd July 10am )

      ・CSB Ticket
      ・Ticket PIA
      URL: code:452-789)

      Sponsored by, Nippon Broadcasting System,PIA,CSB International
    • solo act + dance


      【Cast】Yukito Ono
      Percussionist:Fumihiro Sennin Sato

      【Book & Direction】Sachiko Ishimaru

      Fri. Jun 24th at 7:00PM
      Sat. Jun 25th at 2:00PM/7:00PM
      Sun. Jun 26th at 2:00PM/5:30PM

      Imagine Studio

      Sponsored by, Nippon Broadcasting System, CSB International

    • Charlie Show

      【Total Art Direction】Youya Shinjo
      【Cast】Yuichiro Yokzeki, Yukito Ono, NOPPO(s**t kingz)
      Navigator : Youya Shinjo
      piano:Sayuri Fukui
      attend boy:Daichi Mastuno
      【Date】April 16th, 17th 2016

      Sponsored by, CSB International, Nippon Broadcasting System
    • CSB in Kyoto

      <A proglam>
      ★slapstick go go dance show★
      『Baked Hotel』
      【Book & Direction】Yukito Ono
      【Choreography】Youya Shinjo
      【Cast】Cai Xiaoquiang, Shingo Yoshimoto, Yukito Ono

      <B proglam>
      『Happy Days』
      【Staging & Direction】Koichi Oita
      【Cast】Shingo Yoshimoto

      【Date】October 31st,Novmber 1st 2015
      【Venue】Kyoto Prefectural prefectural hall

      Sponsored by, CSB International

    • ©Asami Kiyokawa

      GQ2015 『GABBY』

      【Total Art Direction】Youya Shinjo
      【Choreography】Youya Shinjo, Tomohiko Tsujimoto, Tammy Lyn,
      Shingo Yoshimoto and GQ
      【Visual Art Direction】Asami Kiyokawa
      【Cast】Dai Sasaki, Tomohiko Tsujimoto, Aris[Quest CREW], Shingo Yoshimoto,
           SHINICHI[BUTTER](Tokyo)・SO[BE BOPCREW](Fukuoka), Cai Xiaoquiang,
           JOEY BENI,Yohei Szuki,Yukito Ono, Mugen Kazama, Kota Kihara,Daisuke Omiya,
           Kengo Nishioka,Yuichiro Yokozeki, Kenta Shimizu, PEET[BE-BOP CREW],
           Shinjo Special appearance: Rasta Thomas
      【Date】Jun 10th -14th 2016(Tokyo)
           Jun 19th,20th (Fukuoka)
           July 4th,5th (Osaka)
      【Venue】EX THEATER ROPPONGI(Toyko)
           CANAL CITY THEATHER(Fukuoka)
           Morinomiya Piloti Hall(Osaka)

      Sponsored by, Nippon Broadcasting System, CSB International, ROUND ABOUT
    • burst cake チラシ表
      Burst cake チラシ裏


      【Configuration and choreography, painting and performance】
      Kohei Ueguchi & Yukito Ono
      【Configuration cooperation】Koichi Ogita
      【Date】November 22nd,23rd 2014
      【Venue】Sinjukumura LIVE

      Produced by CSB International,Junction
    • happy days

      【Staging】Koichi Ogita
      【Choreography】Youya Shinjo, Shingo Yoshimoto
      【Cast】Shingo Yoshimoto
      【Date】July 25th-27th 2014
      【Venue】Hillside plaza

      Sponsored by, CSB International
    • Delicious-GO! GO! Vacation!

      【Production, Staging and choreography】TETSUHARU
      【Choreography and Art Direction】Youya Shinjo
      【Cast】Syu Nakajima, Cai Xiaoquiang, Shingo Yoshimoto, Mugen Kazaa,
                  TETSUHARU, Youya Shinjo
      【Date】Feburary 8th-11th 2014
      【Venue】Credle Hall

      Sponsored by, CSB International

      Music and Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda
      Book by Quiara Alegria Hudes
      Conceived by Lin-Manuel Miranda
      【Cast】Yuya Matsushita, Micro(from Def Tech), Sayaka Umeda(AKB48), Chihiro Otsuka,
                  Masataka Nakagauchi, Yukito Ono, Takuya Uehara, Eliana, Motomu Azaki, Sakiho Juri,
                  Marcia, Mibari Maeda, Haruki Kiyama, KEN(S☆RUSH), Azusa Hirata, TOMOMI,
                  Marie Sugaya, Sachiko Watanabe
      【Date】April 4th-20th 2014(Tokyo)
           April 25th-27th (Osaka)
           April 30th(Fukuoka)
           May 3rd -4th(Nagoya)
           May 10th-11th(Yokohama)
      【Venue】Bunkamura theater cocoon(Tokyo)

      Sponsored by, Nippon Broadcasting System, WOWOW, e plus
                CSB International, CAT produce
    • POMELO

      【Choreography, staging, art, and performance】Yukito Ono
      【Date】Jun 7th-9th 2013

      Sponsored by, CSB International
    • mix very berry show( with huge amount of whipped cream !!)

      Delicious Deluxe

      【Choreography and Art Direction】Youya Shinjo,
      【Production, Staging and choreography】TETSUHARU
      【Choreography】Shingo Yoshimoto
      【Cast】Syu Nakajima, Cai Xiaoquiang, Shingo Yoshimoto, Mugen Kazama, Yoya Miyagaki,
                  TETSUHARU, Youya Shinjo / SHINICHI[BUTTER], JOEY
      【Date】Novenver 23rd-24th 2012
      【Venue】Nionbashi Mitsui Hall

      Sponsored by, CSB International
    • Delicious

      【Choreography and Art Direction】Youya Shinjo,
      【Production, Staging and choreography】TETSUHARU
      【Cast】Syu Nakajima, Cai Xiaoquiang, Shingo Yoshimoto, Mugen Kazama, Yoya Miyagaki,TETSUHARU, Youya Shinjo
      【Date】May 4th-6th 2012
      【Venue】Credle Hall

      Sponsored by, CSB International
    • Special Evening

      PartⅠ Physical Theater:DNA-Dance ’n’ Algorithm
      【Music】Toshio Masuda
      【Choreography】Youya Shinjo
      【Cast】Youya Shinjyo, Mugen Kazama, Cai Xiaoqian

      PartⅡ 44Duos
      【Choreographey】Alessio Silvestrin
      【Music】Bartok Bela
      【Cast】Yuichiro Yokozeki, Shingo Yoshimoto
      【Date】October 9th-10th 2011
      【Venue】Credle Hall

      Sponsored by, CSB International
    • GQ

      GQ Gentleman Quality-Gentleman's Dignity- chocolat

      【Music】Toshio Masuda
      【Choreography and Art Direction】Youya Shinjo
      【Production, Staging and choreography】TETSUHARU
      【Choreographey】Naoya Aoki, Shingo Yoshimoto
      【Cast】Dai sasaki, Yoshio Homura, Syu nakajima, Shingo Yosimoto, Yuichiro Yokozeki,
                  Daisuke Fukuhara, Mugen Kazama, Kazami Nagasawa,Cai xiaoqiang, JOEY BENI,
                  Yohei Suzuki,Katsutoshi Setoda,Akhiko Nagano,Syuhei Meguri,Ono Yukito,
                  Yuya Miyagaki, Kazutaka Kagaya, Yusuke Onuki, Hiro Murata,
                  SHINICHI[BUTTER], TETSUHARU, Youya Shinjo
      【Date】February 10th-13th 2011(Tokyo)
                   Jun 7th,8th 2011(Osaka)
      【Venue】Sunshine Theather(Tokyo)
           Morinomiya Piloti Hall(Osaka)
    • PLANET bite-sized

      PLANET bite-sized

      【Production, Staging and choreography】TETSUHARU
                  TATSUO(GLASS HOPPER), Miho Yamada,Shingo Yoshimoto,
                  Yusuke Onuki, Kazami Nmasawa, ENDo, KO,MAEDA(KAMIKAZE CLOWNZ),
      【Date】Jun 1st-9th 2010
      【Venue】Nishiazabu SuperDeluxe
    • GQ Gentleman Quality ~男たちの晩餐~

      GQ Gentleman Quality~ Men Supper ~

      【Production, Staging and choreography】Youya Shinjo

      【Cast】Hirotsugu Saegusa, Shingo Yoshimoto, Yohei Suzuki,
Takuma Oshiba,
                  Setoda Katsutoshi, ENDo, TETSUHARU, Youya Shinjo
      【Date】Jun 17th-21st 2009
      【Venue】Sogetsu Hall


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